Bulk Bag of Logs

Buy kiln dried hardwood in a bulk bag of logs. These bags are massive and measure in at a weight of 1.2m3. Even with a larger quantity, our premium

Bulk Bag of Logs

Bulk Bag of Logs

quality is still the same, best kiln dried hardwood firewood that burns at a high heat due to the low moisture content. Use these on just about any stove, pizza oven, open fires or chimineas.

Guaranteed low moisture content below 20% which means that they will provide a high heat along with a natural flame and also the logs can be used immediately.

Order this great value for money premium quality kiln dried bulk bag of logs today and get them delivered by our very selves as soon as possible!

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  1. Matt says:

    How much per bag please – we are in Dunfermline


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