Nets of Logs

These premium quality kiln dried firewood logs come neating packed into net sacks. The sacks are large enough to still be good value for money but small enough for easy transport and storing in your log store.

Nets of logs

Nets of logs

Kiln dried hardwood logs are our usual premium quality and provide the best burning output. They can be used on any wood burning appliance either on their own or combined with other solid fuels. Commonly used in wood burning stoves, chimineas, open fires, multi fuel stoves and even pizza ovens! For other uses please check out Forestry Commission website.

Our top quality kiln dried firewood logs have moisture contents of less than 20%, typically nearer 10% and thus burn effectively and also can be used straight away.

We source all our hardwood logs from resposibly managed forests and are guaranteed to have low moisture contents below 20%.

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