• Why choose Kiln Dried Logs?

    Respectively, there are several types of firewood for sale currently available, but why does everyone including stove manufacturers suggest using only heat logs or kiln dried logs?

    The benefits of using kiln dried wood logs?

    • Very low moisture content – kiln drying logs produce lower moisture contents, around 20% and less. Generally, the lower the moisture content the more efficient the burning and thus produce more heat.
    • Light effortlessly – much easier than other logs.
    • Higher temperature – kiln dried logs can in most cases give significantly more heat output than unseasoned wood logs.
    • Clean and convenient – our kiln dried firewood is packaged neatly into net sacks, builders bags or crates.
    • Multi-use – our firewood can be used in normal open fires, cookers, wood burners and also multi-fuel stoves.

    A key benefit to our premium high quality kiln dried logs is the low moisture content and therefore efficient burning. All of our firewood is guaranteed to have a moisture content of less than 20%. We can be so sure of this as we dry these logs in our very own kiln chamber where we have full control over the drying temperature and the humidity.

    The output from the kiln gives us the premium high quality logs that will be delivered to your doorstep.

    Ultimately, the drier the wood the better it will burn, i.e. will produce more heat. Not only more efficient burning, but the lesser chance of chimney fires, appliance damage or excessive smoking.

    Kiln Dried Logs

    Kiln Dried Logs

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