• 4 Basic Ways to Store Seasoned Firewood Logs

    Storing seasoned firewood logs (note that we only offer kiln dried logs but our friends at Fife Firewood can supply seasoned) for the winter season is practically considered to be an art that every person who goes through winter and lives in countries and cities where winter takes place on a yearly basis should master. In fact, storing is just as important as buying firewood. Perhaps, it can even be more important because buying firewood is no good if it is not stored properly. It may become a big waste of a person’s time, effort, and of course, money if firewood is not stored in the most proper and efficient way possible because the wood will no longer be utilized and maximized when the next winter arrives.

    Here are four of the most basic ways to store seasoned firewood logs:

    1. Stacked on top of each other outside the house or establishment but with a cover or under a roof – if there is no more space available for the firewood inside the house, it is still possible to properly store these logs outside. The condition when doing this is that there should be a roof or a cover of some sort provided for the wood so that it will not be directly exposed to harsh elements such as the sun and rain. If there is no cover or protection provided for the wood, then the wear and tear of these logs will occur at a faster pace and when the next chilly winter rolls around, the firewood will no longer be as good as new. Perhaps they can still be used but the quality will no longer be as excellent as when it was new.
    2. Stacked on top of each other inside the house or establishment – this is better than letting the seasoned firewood logs stay outside because being stored inside the house automatically provides a roof and additional protection from the harsh outdoor elements.
    3. Upright next to each other outside the house or establishment but with a cover or under a roof – this is also a storage option for seasoned firewood logs as long as there is a cover to protect it from direct contact with rain and sunlight.
    4. Upright next to each other inside the house or establishment – storing firewood upright is also fine and even better because it is done so indoors where the wood is protected and has a better chance of being good as new when the next winter season comes around.
    Storing Seasoned Firewood Logs

    Storing Seasoned Firewood Logs

    Even if there are four suggested ways to store the seasoned firewood logs, it simply boils down to two primary ways of storing. The most essential things to remember are the two ways in which seasoned firewood logs are stored: stacked on top of each other and upright next to each other.

    There is no need to waste money on firewood if people know how to store them properly. The term properly here refers to the storing of wood and logs for fire in such a way that it will still be usable for the next chilly winters and cold days and nights to come.

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